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It is impossible to deny the importance and usefulness of industrial and commercial education in the context of changing economic and social conditions. It is clear as day that skilled and educated people are the best capital of any nation and they, for the training of individuals, the best strategy, solid planning and hard work are indispensable. Under the recommendations of the National Education Commission, the government undertook the promotion of commercial education in 1959. Therefore, the commercial institutions of the country were reviewed and from this review, it was concluded that in order to develop the economy of a developing country like Pakistan, there is a dire need for people who are skilled in scientific, technical and commercial sciences. This fact is as clear as day that the developed nations determine the future paths and action plans. Indeed, the industrial revolution of Europe had its effects on the whole world and thus the developing world also needs skilled people for its survival and security. Realizing the fact that the need is felt, special attention was given to commerce education in the country. Keeping in view the growing interest in commerce education, the Government of Punjab has earmarked maximum resources for this sector and has not only worked for the promotion and development of commerce education institutions but has increased the number of these institutions rapidly. Presently, 46 Government Colleges of Commerce for Students, one Government College of Commerce for Girls, 60 Government Institutes of Commerce for Students, 11 Government Institutes of Commerce for Students are functioning in Punjab. Apart from this, 4 Government Colleges of Technology for Women in Department of Commerce are teaching Commerce subjects in Diploma in Commerce and B.Com classes.

Introduction Government Post Graduate College of Commerce Shujaabad

In 1986, this institution was established under the name of Government Commercial Training Institute. He started his educational service journey by starting C۔Com and D۔Com classes in a rented building located on the railway road in Shujaabad city. Since there is no state land in the entire city, the Punjab government kindly bought five acres of land. In which the institution is trying to promote the best sciences and trade. This matriarch started teaching in the newly constructed residential block early on. Later after the construction and completion of the teaching block, all the classes were moved to the new teaching block with full atmosphere and today it is the same building where the D.Com and B.Com classes are held in full glory. Thanks to the expert teachers and quality education system, the institution has progressed day and night and thus in 2004, the Punjab Government upgraded it to B.Com in view of the regional needs. Thus, in 2005-06, the official classes of B.Com were issued. In 2010-11, a new building named B.Com Block was constructed which consists of classrooms as well as a modern multi-purpose hall. Annual functions of the institution are also organized where annual examinations are held.In Government Post Graduate College of Commerce, Shujaabad, academic activities are conducted in a very calm manner in an academic environment. The institution is no less than any other educational institution in the whole of Punjab. The institution is equipped with all sports facilities including cricket matches. The best air-conditioned library which contains Islamic and all kinds of general information books apart from modern course books. All classrooms are air-conditioned. While the transport facility is also available. The new 64 seater HINO bus also provides travel convenience to students. Monthly tests and send up tests are conducted regularly to check the academic quality. Various events are organized to highlight co-curricular activities. Separate study and entertainment tours are also conducted for each class, which cultivate the students’ minds and improve their skills. The launch of M.Com classes for suburban areas like Shujaabad is a great convenience for students.

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